Ark Invest CEO Cathie Wood Expects Spot Bitcoin ETFs to Drive Bitcoin Price Higher


Spot Bitcoin ETF Approvals: Cathie Wood's Perspective

Cathie Wood, the CEO of Ark Investment Management, recently shared her insights on the potential approval of spot bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) by the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). In an interview with CNBC, Wood discussed the significance of these ETFs and their impact on institutional investors.

Spot Bitcoin ETF Decision Deadline Approaching

Wood's firm, Ark Investment Management, along with 21shares, has a joint proposal awaiting a decision on Wednesday. This deadline marks the first for spot bitcoin ETF applications this year. Wood's comments shed light on the potential market response to the approval of these ETFs.

Green Light for Institutions

Wood expressed her belief that if the SEC approves spot bitcoin ETFs, it will serve as a green light for institutional investors. She revealed that Ark Investment Management has been in discussions with several institutions, and their interest has grown significantly now that the SEC is paving the way for these ETFs.

High Probability of Approval

When asked about the probability of her firm's spot bitcoin ETF proposal being approved by the SEC, Wood stated that the probability is very high. She explained that the SEC, after previously denying similar proposals, has now begun asking detailed and technical questions. Wood believes that the SEC has obtained the necessary information and that approval is likely.

Spot Bitcoin ETF Approval Impact

Contrary to predictions of a "sell on the news" event, Wood believes that the approval of spot bitcoin ETFs may not result in a significant market sell-off. She explained that the anticipation of such a sell-off has already influenced market positioning. Wood emphasized that the long-term investment horizon and institutional flows into bitcoin will have a substantial impact on the asset's price.

Bitcoin's Potential for Growth

Wood outlined her reasons for expecting continued growth in the price of bitcoin. She compared bitcoin to digital gold, highlighting the potential for substitution as the cryptocurrency market continues to mature. Wood also emphasized the impact of institutional allocations, predicting that even small allocations of 2.5% to 5% could drive the price of bitcoin higher.

Bitcoin as a Scarce Asset

Wood highlighted the scarcity of bitcoin as a key factor contributing to its potential price appreciation. With a limited supply of 21 million units, and a significant portion of bitcoin already held by long-term investors, Wood sees bitcoin as a scarce asset. This scarcity, combined with growing institutional interest, could further fuel its value.

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How to Buy Gold For Your Gold IRA

Precious metal is a term used to describe gold, silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium, iridium, osmium, ruthenium, rhenium, and others. It's any element naturally occurring with atomic numbers 79 to 110 (excluding helium), that is valued for its rarity or beauty. Precious metals include gold and silver. Precious metals can be used to make money, jewelry, industrial products, and art objects.

Supply and demand affect the gold price daily. There has been a significant demand for precious metals over the past decade as investors look for safe havens in unstable economies. This increased demand has caused prices to rise significantly. Some are concerned about the increased cost of production and have resisted investing in precious materials.

Gold is a solid investment as it is both rare and long-lasting. Unlike many investments, gold never loses value. Plus, you can buy and sell gold without paying taxes on your profits. There are two ways to invest in gold. There are two ways to invest in gold: buy gold bars and coins; or, you can invest directly in gold futures.

You can instantly have liquidity with physical gold bars and coins. They are easy to trade and keep. But they don't offer much protection against inflation. Consider purchasing gold bullion if you want to be protected from rising prices. Bullion, also known as physical gold and available in different sizes, is physical. One-ounce pieces are available for billions, while larger quantities such as kilobars and tens of thousands can be purchased. Bullion is often stored in vaults, which are safe from fire and theft.

Buy gold futures to own shares and not actual gold. Futures allow you to speculate on how the price of gold might change. You can expose yourself to the price of gold by buying gold futures without having to own the physical commodity.

If I wanted to speculate about whether gold's price would rise or fall, I could buy a gold contract. When the contract expires, my position will either be “long” or “short.” A long contract indicates that I believe the price for gold will rise. Therefore, I'm willing give money to someone now in exchange of the promise that I will get more money after the contract ends. A shorter contract will mean that I expect the price to fall. I'm willing and able to take the money now, in return for the promise that I will make less money later.

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