Former SEC Chair Says Approval of Spot Bitcoin ETF is Inevitable

A bold statement has emerged from a former U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) Chair Jay Clayton, suggesting that the approval of a Spot Bitcoin Exchange-Traded Fund (ETF) is inevitable, stating that "there's nothing left to decide," in an interview with CNBC today.

Confident Proclamation

The former SEC Chair's confident proclamation hints at an imminent breakthrough in the regulatory landscape for Bitcoin-related financial products. This assertion aligns with the growing sentiment within the Bitcoin community, eagerly anticipating the approval of a Spot Bitcoin ETF.

"I think approval is inevitable, there's nothing left to decide," Clayton said. "Is the Bitcoin underlying trading market something that is robust enough, efficacious enough, where you can rely on it? It is much better today than it was five years ago."

Hurdles Overcome

These statements imply that key concerns or considerations previously hindering the approval process have been sufficiently addressed, paving the way for an inevitable green light from the SEC.

This bold declaration underscores the evolving sentiment within regulatory circles, reflecting a growing acceptance and understanding of Bitcoin. The potential approval of a spot Bitcoin ETF is anticipated to mark a watershed moment in the financial sphere, enabling broader access for traditional investors seeking exposure to BTC through regulated investment vehicles.

Technological Advancements

"The last thing, and I think this is missed, is the technology to actually provide the product," the former SEC Chair continued. "The custodying, the create, the redeem. This is a big step, not just for Bitcoin but for finance generally."

Expected Approval

The SEC is expected to approve spot Bitcoin ETFs by the end of day Wednesday. Bloomberg reported yesterday that if approved, the ETFs could be listed and starting to trade as soon as the next business day.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you need to open a Precious Metal IRA

This will depend on whether or not you have an investment objective and what level of risk you are willing to accept.

Open an account today if your retirement plan calls for you to withdraw the funds.

This is because precious metals are more likely to appreciate in the future. They also offer diversification benefits.

Additionally, silver and Gold prices tends to move together. They are therefore a better option for investing in both assets.

Do not invest in precious metals IRAs if your goal is to save money or take on any risk.

How to Open a Precious Metal IRA

The best way to open an IRA for precious metals is by opening a self-directed Roth Individual Retirement Account (IRA).

This type of account is better than other types of IRAs because you don't have to pay any taxes on the interest you earn from your investments until you withdraw them.

This makes it very attractive to people who want to save money but also need a tax break.

You don't have to invest in silver or gold. You can invest in whatever you like, provided it conforms to IRS guidelines.

Many people think only of silver and gold when they hear the word “precious metallic” but there are other types.

Some examples include palladium, platinum, rhodium, osmium, iridium, and ruthenium.

There are several ways you can invest in precious metals. There are two main options: buying bullion bars and coins, and purchasing shares in mining companies.

Bullion Coins and Bars

The easiest way to invest in precious materials is to buy bullion coins or bars. Bullion is a generic term that refers only to physical ounces in gold or silver.

Bullion bars and bullion coins are actual pieces of the metal.

Although you may not be able to see any change immediately after purchasing bullion bars and coins at a shop, you will soon notice some positive effects.

For example, you will get a tangible piece of history. Each coin and bar has its own unique story behind it.

When you look at face value of the coin, you'll often find that it's worth far less than its nominal value. When it was first introduced in 1986, the American Eagle Silver Coin cost only $1.00 per troy ounce. The price of an American Eagle is now closer to $40.00 a ounce.

Bullion has seen a dramatic rise in value since its introduction. Many investors would rather buy bullion coins or bullion bars than futures contracts.

Mining Companies

If you are looking to invest in precious metals, there is another option: investing in mining shares. When you invest in mining businesses, you are investing in their ability to produce silver and gold.

You will be paid dividends that are based on the company’s profits. These dividends will then be paid out to shareholders.

Furthermore, the company has the potential to grow. The share prices of the company should rise as more people buy the product.

You should diversify because these stocks have a tendency to fluctuate in their prices. This involves spreading your risk over multiple companies.

It is important to keep in mind that mining companies can lose their financial investments just as stock markets investors.

Your share of ownership may be worthless if gold prices fall significantly.

The Bottom Line

Precious metals such silver and gold provide an economic refuge from uncertainty.

Silver and gold, however, can experience wild swings in their prices. If you are interested in long-term investing in precious metals, open a precious Metals IRA account at a reputable firm.

This way, you can take advantage of tax advantages while benefiting from owning physical assets.

What Is a Precious Metal IRA?

Precious metals can be a good investment for retirement accounts. They have been around since biblical times and continue to hold value today. The best way to protect yourself from inflation is to invest in precious metallics such as platinum, silver and gold.

Many countries also permit citizens to store money in foreign currencies. You can buy gold bars in Canada, and then keep them at the home. Then, when you travel to Canada, you can make the same gold bars and sell them for Canadian Dollars.

This is an easy way to invest precious metals. It's especially useful if you live outside of North America.

Does a gold IRA make money?

Yes, but it's not as simple as you think. It all depends on how risky you are willing to take. It's possible to retire with $1 million if your retirement age is reached if you are able to put aside $10,000 per year for 20 consecutive years. However, if all your eggs are in one basket, then you will lose everything.

Diversify your investments. Gold does well when there is inflation. It is important to invest in assets that increase with inflation. Stocks excel at this because they rise with increased profits. Bonds also do this well. They pay interest every year. They are great during economic growth.

What happens when inflation is absent? In deflationary periods stocks and bonds both fall in value. Investors should not put all of their savings in one investment such as a stock mutual fund or bond.

Instead, they should combine different types funds. They could invest both in stocks and bonds, for instance. They could also invest both in bonds and cash.

This gives them exposure to both sides. Inflation or deflation? They will continue to see a rise over time.

What are the best ways to choose an IRA.

Understanding the type of account you have is the first step towards finding an IRA that suits your needs. This includes whether your goal is to open a Roth IRA (or a traditional IRA). It is also important to determine how much money you have to invest.

Next is deciding which provider best suits your needs. Some providers offer both accounts and others only specialize in one.

The fees associated with each option should be considered. Fees may vary from one provider to another and could include annual maintenance fees as well. For example, some providers charge a monthly fee based on the number of shares you own. Others will only charge once a quarter.


  • The IRS also allows American Eagle coins, even though they do not meet gold's 99.5% purity standard. (
  • To qualify as IRA allowable precious metals and be accepted by STRATA, the following minimum fineness requirements must be met: Gold must be 99.5% pure, silver must be 99.9% pure, and platinum and palladium must both be 99.95% pure. (
  • You can only purchase gold bars of at least 99.5% purity. (
  • SEP-IRA”Simplified employee pension” For self-employed people like independent contractors, freelancers, and small-business ownersSame tax rules as traditional IRASEP IRA contributions in 2022 are limited to 25% of compensation or $66,000, whichever is less4. (

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The Best Precious Metals Ira 2022: Things to Remember

Precious Metals Ira, one of the most preferred investment options among investors, is one. This article will teach you what makes precious metals so attractive, and how to make informed decisions about investing in precious materials.

These assets are renowned for their long-term potential growth. Looking back at historical data, we see that gold prices have shown incredible returns. Over the past 200 years, gold has increased from $20 per ounce to almost $1900 per ounce. The S&P 500 Index was only up by 50%.

During times of economic uncertainty, people consider gold a safety net. When the stock market suffers bad days, people tend to sell stocks and move into the safety of gold. Inflation is also a hedge, so gold can be used as a security measure. Many economists believe that there will always be some degree of inflation. As such, physical gold is an excellent way to protect your savings and prevent future price increases.

But before buying any precious metal like silver, gold, platinum, or palladium, there are certain things to consider. First, consider whether you would prefer to invest in bullion or coins. Bullion bars usually come in large amounts (e.g 100 ounces), and are stored away until needed. Coins are smaller versions of bullion bars, which can then be used to buy small amounts of bullion.

The second thing you need to consider is where you will store your precious metals. Some countries are safer then others. If you are in the US, it might be a good idea to store your precious metals abroad. If you intend to store them in Switzerland, though, you might need to question why.

The final decision is whether you want to either invest directly in precious or through “precious metallics exchange-traded fund” (ETFs). ETFs, which track the performance different commodities like gold, are financial instruments. These instruments can be used to expose you to precious metals without needing to own them.


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