Peter Brandt Reveals Short Position on Ethereum (ETH) as Price Plateaus

Ethereum's Recent Price Surge and Factors Behind It

Veteran trader Peter Brandt recently announced on social media platform X (formerly known as Twitter) that he has taken a short position on ethereum (ETH), the second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization. Brandt, who has a following of 707,000 on X, also shared a technical chart to explain his strategy.

Since the beginning of 2023, ethereum's value has surged by 85% against the U.S. dollar. This significant increase can be attributed to various factors. The crypto community has been abuzz with discussions about a potential ethereum exchange-traded fund (ETF) receiving approval from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), which has created a bullish sentiment in the market. Additionally, onchain analytics indicate a notable increase in ETH accumulation by major holders, suggesting a positive shift in market dynamics.

Recent Dip in ETH's Price and Peter Brandt's Analysis

However, over the past two weeks, ethereum's upward momentum has stalled, with a minor 1.4% dip in its value against the U.S. dollar. On December 18, 2023, Peter Brandt, a seasoned trader with experience since 1975, shared an ETH/USD chart from Tradingview. Brandt mentioned that while classical chart patterns do not always perform as expected, if the rising wedge in ethereum complies with the script, the target price could be $1,000, then $650.

Brandt further stated that he has already shorted ETH and has a protective break-even stop in place. Shorting involves betting against an asset, in this case, ETH, and anticipating a decline in its value to profit from the short position. Other experts, including Tuur Demeester, founder of Adamant Capital, and Colin Talks Crypto, have also expressed bearish sentiments about ethereum's performance against bitcoin (BTC).

Potential Reversal and Bearish Pattern

Although Brandt's chart indicates a potential reversal for ethereum, the pattern is not yet fully formed. Currently, there is a bearish pattern characterized by consistently flat lower highs and a series of lower lows, suggesting that sellers are more dominant than buyers. However, it is common for crypto assets to experience low trading volume during holidays, which bears may take advantage of. Therefore, it is possible that the descending triangle formation in ethereum's price might be temporary.

Peter Brandt's Views on Crypto Assets

Peter Brandt has been vocal about his opinions on crypto assets and economic matters for a long time. In the past, he has referred to the Bitcoin halving as a "non-event" and advocated for a 100 basis point increase in the benchmark interest rate by the U.S. Federal Reserve. He has also expressed the view that bitcoin is a legacy coin, while dismissing most other cryptocurrencies as "make-believe crypto wannabees."

What are your thoughts on Peter Brandt shorting ethereum? Do you agree with his analysis? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

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