Swan Bitcoin Implements New Policies to Terminate Accounts Engaging with Bitcoin Mixing Services

Swan Bitcoin's Decision to Terminate Accounts

Swan Bitcoin, a prominent bitcoin exchange platform, recently made an important announcement regarding its policies. The company has decided to terminate the accounts of users who directly interact with bitcoin mixing services. This decision comes as a response to the pressure from banking institutions, following a proposal made by the Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN) to increase the bookkeeping requirements for these types of transactions.

Swan Bitcoin's Updated Policies on Mixing Services

In a letter addressed to its customers, Swan Bitcoin, a California-based bitcoin services platform, informed them about the implementation of new policies concerning mixing services. The company stated that accounts which engage directly with transactions involving coin mixing services will now face the risk of termination.

The reasoning behind this change lies in the pressure exerted by Swan Bitcoin's banking partners, who are concerned about the introduction of a proposed rule by FinCEN. This rule aims to establish additional responsibilities for institutions that facilitate transactions involving mixing services.

Swan Bitcoin's Perspective on the Matter

Yan Pritzker, co-founder and CTO of Swan Bitcoin, expressed the company's stance on the issue. While Swan Bitcoin acknowledges the importance of coin mixing as a privacy service, it faces limitations when onboarding customers with fiat due to the need to connect with qualified custodians and banks. As a result, the company prefers to avoid potential risks by implementing these new policies.

Pritzker further explained:

"Game theoretically, this behavior is expected and obvious. Why should a bank have to do extra work to prove innocence when the government has been telling them for years that they don’t want to see mixing?"

Community Response

Despite Pritzker's statements, some members of the crypto community have strongly criticized Swan Bitcoin's new policies, arguing that they contradict the ethos of the exchange.

Samourai Wallet, a popular wallet known for its mixing services, heavily condemned Swan Bitcoin's actions. They accused the exchange of acting like an enforcer for a proposal that has not yet become law and encouraged users to either close their accounts or force the exchange to terminate them by engaging with mixing services.

Samourai Wallet emphasized:

"It's still a proposal, you lame fucking pussies. Instead of mounting a defense, you preemptively comply? Absolute losers."

Vlad Costea, the host of the Bitcoin Takeover podcast, also voiced his criticism towards Swan Bitcoin's actions. He described them as "dystopian" and believed that they sought to establish an anti-Bitcoin compliance culture. As a European, Costea expressed that if he had access to Swan Bitcoin, he would immediately stop using their service.

What are your thoughts on Swan Bitcoin's new account termination policies? Share your opinion in the comments section below.

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