2024 Sees Steepest Weekly Plunge in NFT Sales, 5 Major Blockchains Register Double-Digit Losses


NFT Market Faces Sharp Decline

In the span between Jan. 20 to Jan. 27, 2024, there was a notable decline in the sales volume stemming from non-fungible tokens (NFTs), plunging 21.25% from the week before. The leading blockchains in seven-day sales, Ethereum and Bitcoin, experienced substantial decreases, ranging from 28.78% to 12.62%, respectively.

Steepest Decline in 2024

This week marked the steepest decline in 2024, with sales plunging over 21% compared to the previous seven days. According to metrics from, the total amounted to $228,327,660.


Double-Digit Losses for Top Blockchains

All five of the top blockchains leading the week’s sales saw double-digit losses. Bitcoin experienced a 12.62% week-over-week drop, with $55.92 million in sales over the same seven-day period. Solana secured the third rank, recording $53.69 million in sales, which is a decrease of 11.85%. Polygon’s NFT sales claimed the fourth position, amounting to $15.66 million, yet experienced a 36.40% drop. In the fifth spot, Avalanche garnered $7.98 million in sales, with a notable 41.25% decline in its NFT market.

High-Ranking NFT Collections and Top Sales

In the realm of unique digital collectible collections, the Cryptopunks series clinched the highest position in sales this week. Cryptopunks amassed $13.67 million in sales during the past seven days, marking an increase of 32.23% from the previous week. Bitcoin’s Uncategorized Ordinals experienced $9 million in sales, witnessing a 3.75% decline from the week prior. In the third spot, Solana’s Froganas reported $7.04 million in sales, a significant increase of 420.77% compared to last week. Occupying the fourth rank, Solana’s Cryptoundeads achieved $6.75 million in sales, yet faced a 58.82% decrease. In the fifth position, Avalanche’s Dokyo NFT collection registered $5.85 million in sales, experiencing a 33.70% drop in sales volume from the previous week.

Challenging Period for NFT Sales

Sales of blockchain-based digital collectibles faced a challenging period throughout 2022, and most of 2023 also witnessed a downturn in NFT sales until the year’s end. Bitcoin’s entry into the NFT sales arena initially boosted overall sales, but BTC-focused NFT sales not only decreased this week but also experienced a 28.15% drop the week before. NFTs based on Solana and Polygon showed an increase in the latter part of 2023, yet they have recently encountered modest falls in their overall digital collectible sales volume. Whether this downward trend in NFT sales continues or a resurgence occurs remains to be seen.

What do you think about this week’s NFT sales action? Share your thoughts and opinions about this subject in the comments section below.


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