img-1 Partners With Hummingbot in VERSE/USDT Campaign on KuCoin With $15,000 in Rewards

img-2 and Hummingbot Collaborate to Boost Liquidity and Trading Volumes, a leading global platform for introducing newcomers to cryptocurrency, is excited to announce its partnership with Hummingbot for an innovative campaign on KuCoin. The campaign aims to enhance liquidity and trading volumes for the VERSE/USDT trading pair. Hummingbot, known for its open-source market making bot, will play a crucial role in executing this strategic campaign.

Democratizing Market Making with Hummingbot's Liquidity Miner Platform

The campaign revolves around Hummingbot's Liquidity Miner platform, which incentivizes market makers and the Hummingbot community to provide market-making services on centralized exchanges. By doing so, this initiative aims to promote a more decentralized market-making process. Hummingbot's platform is widely used by trading firms, individual traders, and cryptocurrency projects that seek to enhance liquidity.


Exciting Rewards for Participation

Starting on October 24, 2023, at 00:00 UTC, the campaign will run for 12 weeks. Participants will have the opportunity to earn rewards, with a total of $15,000 worth of's ecosystem token, VERSE, to be distributed throughout the program. Each week, participants will have the chance to earn $1,250 worth of VERSE.

Accessible to All with Hummingbot's Open-Source Code

The campaign is open to anyone with sufficient technical skills who can leverage Hummingbot's open-source code. Participants can set up bots to support market making and earn rewards for their contributions. was drawn to Hummingbot due to its mission to democratize high-frequency trading, which aligns with's goal of creating economic freedom.'s Vision for Economic Freedom

Corbin Fraser, Head of Financial Services at, highlighted the significance of market-making and high-frequency trading in the financial industry. Traditionally, these activities were only accessible to wealthy individuals or businesses. However, aims to level the playing field by showcasing Hummingbot's ability to enhance liquidity and trading volume for the VERSE token. VERSE, as the world's gateway to decentralized finance (DeFi), plays a vital role in enabling greater economic freedom. It empowers individuals to navigate the financial sphere with autonomy and confidence.

About is dedicated to providing everyday people with access to limitless opportunities for personal prosperity. Since 2015, has been a global leader in introducing newcomers to cryptocurrency. The platform offers accessible educational materials, objective news, and user-friendly self-custodial products for buying, spending, trading, investing, and earning with crypto.

About Verse

VERSE is the rewards and utility token for users who contribute to and participate in the ecosystem. Launched in December 2022, VERSE is designed to expand access to decentralized finance and unlock economic freedom. The token has rapidly integrated into various web3 platforms, as demonstrated by recent partnership and integration overviews in August and September.

About Hummingbot

Since its open-source release in 2019, Hummingbot has established itself as the premier open-source market-making bot. The platform champions accessibility and inclusivity in liquidity provisions. Hummingbot serves a diverse user base, including token projects, small trading firms, and individual traders. The suite of tools offered by Hummingbot allows users to create, backtest, deploy, and manage automated trading strategies.

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