Charles Schwab Poised to Disrupt Bitcoin ETF Market with Potential Late Entry


Analysts Predict Charles Schwab's Move to Shake Up Bitcoin ETF Arena

In the aftermath of a remarkable 11-day period during which U.S.-based spot bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) accumulated a trading volume of $25.36 billion, discussions have arisen regarding the potential involvement of Charles Schwab, the American multinational financial services corporation. Eric Balchunas, Bloomberg's lead ETF analyst, advises, "Schwab shouldn't be underestimated; they may not be the first to enter the market, but they make a significant impact when they do."

Charles Schwab's Potential Entry into the Bitcoin ETF Market

Recent conversations suggest that Charles Schwab is preparing to introduce a spot bitcoin ETF, following the launch of ten U.S.-based ETFs on Jan. 11, 2024. In her article on, Lisa Shidler discusses this development and notes that Schwab remains cryptic about its cryptocurrency plans. Shidler explores how Schwab could leverage its extensive scale and competitive low-fee pricing strategy to make a bold move in the bitcoin ETF space.


Shidler further delves into this topic during a conversation with Eric Balchunas, Bloomberg's senior ETF analyst. Balchunas states, "In a few months, they may surprise the world with a 10-basis-point offering. I wouldn't be surprised. They might have something up their sleeve." Morningstar analyst Bryan Armour supports this view, explaining that Schwab's approach aligns with their methodical product development style.

"It's consistent with Schwab's overall approach. They prioritize a thoughtful lineup over being the first to market. They value the long-term benefits of their approach," says Armour. ETF Institute co-founder Nate Geraci also agrees with Balchunas, suggesting that it's a foregone conclusion that Schwab will enter the spot bitcoin ETF race.

Charles Schwab, established in 1971, offers a comprehensive range of brokerage, banking, and financial advisory services, including dealing with exchange-traded products (ETPs). Schwab provides various ETPs, including complex, leveraged, and inverse ETPs. Balchunas highlights Schwab's potential frustration with Fidelity's significant lead in the spot bitcoin ETF race.

"Don't underestimate Schwab," warns Balchunas. "They may not be the first to market, but with their dirt-cheap fees and 30 million active brokerage accounts, they can make a substantial impact. And they are not fond of Fidelity, so the success of Fidelity's spot bitcoin ETF could push Schwab to file something sooner rather than later."

What are your thoughts on the predictions of Charles Schwab entering the spot bitcoin ETF market? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

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