China Emerging as Surprising Source of Bitcoin Demand

The Growing Demand for Bitcoin

Last week, I discussed the significant buying pressure on Bitcoin and the various sources of potential demand in the market. While Bitcoin ETFs, MicroStrategy's increased shares, Tether's constant buying, and the upcoming halving are expected to drive demand, there is another unexpected player entering the scene – China.

The Changing Economic Landscape in China

China has been undergoing a significant economic transition in recent years. The country's previous economic model relied heavily on debt and manufacturing goods for foreign customers. However, this era is coming to an end, as China faces a declining real estate market and stock market crash. These signs indicate a shift away from the previous paradigm.

China Asset Management's Actions

China Asset Management Company (China AMC), a major fund manager and ETF provider in China, recently halted trading on their Nasdaq 100 and S&P 500 ETFs to prevent further money outflow from other funds. This move resulted in a 21% premium over NAV for US-connected ETFs on Chinese markets. The flight to safety has also affected Chinese-based Japanese ETFs, with the China AMC's Nomura Nikkei 225 ETF experiencing a 6% rise to a 22% premium.

Chinese Investors Turning to Bitcoin

Chinese investors are currently in a state of panic, and the authorities are taking steps to restrict capital outflow. As a result, it is only a matter of time before more Chinese investors start turning to Bitcoin as a store of value and for its portability. While Bitcoin is officially banned in Mainland China, investors can still access it through exchanges like Binance and OKX, as well as through OTC trading and off-shore bank accounts. Hong Kong, which opened up to Bitcoin last year, is unlikely to reverse its stance on legalization, further supporting Bitcoin's potential as a safe haven asset.

A senior executive of a Hong Kong-based Bitcoin exchange confirmed the trend of capital flight, stating that mainland investors are increasingly looking to allocate assets offshore due to the risky and uncertain nature of the mainland investment market.

Bitcoin's Potential in the Current Economic Climate

Bitcoin's unique properties make it an attractive asset in a world of capital flight and negative growth. With Europe likely already in a recession and the faltering European markets, Bitcoin offers a parallel world of green shoots. As investors realize the limitations of the traditional financial system, Bitcoin's revolutionary technology, fixed supply, and potential for economic growth make it an appealing investment option.

Bitcoin Price Update

Bitcoin's price performance has been relatively steady since the ETF launch, despite the selling of GBTC and rotation into lower capital fees of the new ETFs. The RSI indicator, widely used by traders, suggests that significant upside in price may only come once the RSI hits oversold levels. However, with the current demand dynamics, a significant downside is also unlikely.

On the daily chart, the 100-day moving average (DMA) is providing support, and the $37,877 level is an important price level to watch. Any dip that pushes the RSI into oversold territory is not expected to close below that level. While the 100-day DMA typically does not provide significant support for Bitcoin, there is precedence from September 2020 when it played a crucial role before a major bull rally.

In conclusion, the growing demand for Bitcoin from ETFs and the capital flight from China are driving forces in the market. Despite the complexities of the ETF launch, Bitcoin's price has remained relatively steady. As demand becomes more apparent, we can expect to see further price movements in the future.

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Things to Remember about the Best Precious Metals Ira of 2022

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When economic uncertainty is high, gold can be considered a reliable financial asset. People tend to sell stocks when the stock market is in trouble and shift into gold for safety. Also, gold is considered a hedge against inflation. Many economists believe there will always be inflation. They believe that physical gold can be used to protect your savings against future price rises.

Before you buy any precious metal, such as silver, gold, palladium or platinum, there are some things you should consider. You must first decide whether you wish to invest in bullion coins or bars. Bullion bars are often purchased in large quantities (like 100 grams) and stored until needed. Bullion bars are often replaced by coins, which can be used to buy smaller amounts of bullion.

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Finally, decide whether you want investment in precious metals directly (or through precious metals exchange traded funds) (ETFs). ETFs, which track the performance different commodities like gold, are financial instruments. These are a way to have exposure to precious metals but not necessarily own them.


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