ECB Chief Christine Lagarde Reveals Her Son’s Crypto Investment Despite Her Warnings

Christine Lagarde's Son Ignores Her Crypto Investment Advice

During a town hall with students in Frankfurt, Christine Lagarde, the President of the European Central Bank (ECB), shared that her son disregarded her warnings and invested in cryptocurrency. Despite losing approximately 60% of his investment, Lagarde's son only acknowledged her advice after the loss.

Lagarde's Skepticism Towards Crypto

Christine Lagarde has been skeptical about cryptocurrencies for a long time. She expressed concerns about the potential risks they pose to financial stability and dismissed them as being "based on nothing." Lagarde also emphasized that cryptocurrencies have been used to evade sanctions and engage in criminally sanctioned trade and businesses.

Global Regulation of Crypto Assets

The ECB has been an advocate for global regulation of crypto assets to protect uninformed investors and prevent funding for terrorists and money laundering. The goal is to close loopholes that could facilitate illegal activities.

The ECB's Digital Euro Project

The ECB recently announced the advancement of its central bank digital currency (CBDC) project. After two years of investigation, the project will enter the "preparation phase," which involves finalizing the digital euro rulebook and selecting providers to develop the digital euro platform and infrastructure.

What are your thoughts on Christine Lagarde's son ignoring her advice and investing in crypto? Share your opinions in the comments below.

Frequently Asked Questions

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You can invest in precious metals like gold and silver without having to pay taxes. These precious metals are an attractive investment for anyone looking to diversify their portfolios.

You do not have to pay income tax on interest earned from these accounts if you are over 59 1/2. The appreciation of the account's value does not trigger capital gains tax. You have to limit the amount you can deposit into this type account. The minimum amount that you can invest is $10,000. Under 59 1/2 years old, you can't make any investments. The maximum annual contribution is $5,500.

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Some banks offer a silver and gold IRA option. Others require you open a regular broker account, through which shares or certificates can be purchased.

Should you open a Precious Metal IRA

This depends on what your investment goal is and how risk-tolerant you are.

You should start an account if you intend to retire with the money.

Precious metals will appreciate over time. They offer diversification advantages.

The prices of silver and gold tend to be linked. This makes them a better choice when investing in both assets.

You should not invest in precious-metal IRAs if it is not your intention to use your money for retirement, or if you are unwilling to take any risks.

Which is more powerful: sterling silver or 14k gold?

Gold and silver are strong metals, but sterling silver is much less expensive because it contains 92% pure silver rather than just 24%.

Sterling silver, also known as fine or sterling silver, is made of a combination of silver and other metals like copper and zinc.

It is generally believed that gold is very strong. It takes great pressure to break it apart. It would be much easier to break it apart if you dropped an object on top a piece gold.

On the other hand, silver is not nearly as strong as gold. If you dropped an object onto a sheet silver, it would bend and fold with no damage.

Silver is usually used in jewelry and coins. The price of silver can fluctuate according to supply and demande.

What are some of the advantages and disadvantages to a gold IRA

An excellent investment vehicle is a gold IRA. This is for people who wish to diversify but do not have access to traditional banking services. It allows you to invest freely in precious metals, such as gold, silver and platinum until they are withdrawn.

However, early withdrawals of funds will incur ordinary income tax. The funds are not located in the country and can be easily seized by creditors if your loan defaults.

A gold IRA is a great option if you want to own gold but not worry about taxes.

Is a gold IRA worth interest?

It depends on how much money you put into it if you have $100,000, then yes. If your net worth is less than 100,000, no.

The amount of money that you put into an IRA is what determines whether it earns or not interest.

If you invest more than $100,000 each year in retirement savings, you may want to open a regular brokerage instead.

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However, if you only put in $100,000 per annum, you'll probably be better off with an IRA. At least, until the market begins to grow again.

How do I open a Precious Metal IRA

A self-directed Roth Individual Retirement Account is the best way to open a IRA for precious metals.

This type of account is superior to other types of IRAs in that you don't pay any taxes on the interest earned from your investments, until you withdraw them.

People who are looking to save money and still need a tax break will find it attractive.

You don't have to invest in silver or gold. You can invest in whatever you like, provided it conforms to IRS guidelines.

Many people think only of silver and gold when they hear the word “precious metallic” but there are other types.

Examples include platinum, palladium and rhodium.

You can invest in precious and base metals in many different ways. You can buy bullion coins or bars, or shares in mining businesses.

Bullion Coins & Bars

One of your easiest ways to get into precious metals is to purchase bullion coins. Bullion is a generic term that refers only to physical ounces in gold or silver.

Bullion bars and bullion coin are real pieces of metal.

You might not notice any changes in your pocket when you buy bullion coins or bars from a store but you will see some benefits over the long-term.

This is an example of a tangible piece in history. Each coin and bar is unique.

The face value of a coin will often be lower than its nominal worth. The American Eagle Silver Coin cost $1.00 an ounce in 1986 when it was first introduced. However, today, an American Eagle Silver Coin is more than $40.00 per Ounce.

Many investors prefer bullion coins and bullion bar to futures contracts because of the dramatic increase in bullion's value.

Mining Companies

For those who want to purchase precious metals, another option is investing in shares of mining companies. You invest in the company's ability produce gold and silver when you buy shares of mining companies.

You will get dividends based off the company's profits in return. These dividends will then be paid out to shareholders.

Furthermore, the company has the potential to grow. The share prices of the company should rise as more people buy the product.

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It is important to keep in mind that mining companies can lose their financial investments just as stock markets investors.

If gold prices drop significantly, your share of ownership could be worthless.

The Bottom Line

Precious metals like gold and silver can provide safety during economic uncertainty.

However, both gold and silver are subject to wild swings in price. If you are interested in long-term investing in precious metals, open a precious Metals IRA account at a reputable firm.

This allows you to benefit from tax advantages and physical assets.

What is the best way to make money with a gold IRA?

Yes, it is possible. But not as many as you might think. It all depends upon how much risk you are willing and able to take. You could have $1 million if you're willing to invest $10,000 each year for 20 years. However, if you have all your eggs in one place, you could lose everything.

Diversify your investments. Inflation makes gold a good investment. It is important to invest in assets that increase with inflation. Stocks are able to do this because they rise as companies make more profit. This is also true with bonds. They pay interest each year. So they're great during times of economic growth.

But what happens if inflation is not present? Stocks fall more and bonds lose value during deflationary times. Investors should refrain from putting all their savings into one type of investment such as a mutual fund or bond.

Instead, they should invest in a mix of different funds. For example, they could invest in both stocks and bonds. They could invest in both cash as well as bonds.

They are exposed to both sides of a coin. Inflation or deflation? They will continue to see a rise over time.


  • Same tax rules as traditional IRA SEP IRA contributions in 2022 are limited to 25% of compensation or $66,000, whichever is less Before setting up a Silver IRA, understand the fees and IRS restrictions. (
  • To qualify as IRA allowable precious metals and be accepted by STRATA, the following minimum fineness requirements must be met: Gold must be 99.5% pure, silver must be 99.9% pure, and platinum and palladium must both be 99.95% pure. (
  • The IRS also allows American Eagle coins, even though they do not meet gold's 99.5% purity standard. (
  • If you accidentally make an improper transaction, the IRS will disallow it and count it as a withdrawal so that you would owe income tax on the item's value and, if you are younger than 59 ½, an additional 10% early withdrawal penalty. (

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How To

How to open a Precious Metal IRA

Precious Metals are one of today's most desired investment vehicles. They offer investors higher returns than traditional investments, such as bonds and stocks. This is why they are so popular. However, precious metals investing requires careful planning and research. This is what you need to know before you open your precious metal IRA.

There are two main types of precious metal accounts: physical precious metals accounts and paper gold and silver certificates (GSCs). Each type of account has its own advantages and disadvantages. GSCs and physical precious metals accounts can offer diversification, but they are difficult to trade and easy to access. You can read more about them below.

Physical precious metals accounts consist of coins, bars, and bullion. Although diversification benefits are great, this option has drawbacks. The costs involved in buying, storing and selling precious metals can be quite high. Their large size makes it difficult to transport them between locations.

Paper gold and silver certificates, on the other hand are very affordable. Additionally, they can be easily traded online and accessible. These make them ideal for people who don’t want to invest directly in precious metals. They aren’t as diversifiable as their physical counterparts. Also, since they're backed by government agencies such as the U.S. Mint, the value of these assets could decrease if inflation rates rise.

You should choose the account that best suits your financial needs before you open a precious-metal IRA. Consider the following:

  1. Your risk tolerance level
  2. Your preferred asset-allocation strategy
  3. How long do you have to spend?
  4. It is up to you whether you intend on using the funds short-term for trading purposes.
  5. Which tax treatment would you prefer?
  6. Which precious metals would you prefer to invest in
  7. How liquid is your portfolio?
  8. Your retirement age
  9. Where you will store precious metals
  10. Your income level
  11. Your current savings rate
  12. Your future goals
  13. Your net worth
  14. Special circumstances that might affect your decision
  15. Your overall financial situation
  16. You choose between paper and tangible assets
  17. Your willingness and ability to take risks
  18. Your ability to deal with losses
  19. Your budget constraints
  20. Financial independence is your goal
  21. Your investment experience
  22. Precious metals are familiar to you
  23. Your knowledge of precious metals
  24. Your confidence with the economy
  25. Your personal preferences

After you have determined the type of precious metal IRA that best suits you, you can open an account with a reputable dealer. These companies can also be found online, through word-of mouth or referrals.

Once you've opened your precious metal IRA, you'll need to determine how much money you want to put into it. You should note that every precious metal IRA account has a different minimum deposit amount. Some account require just $100, while some allow you to put up to $50,000.

The amount you invest in your precious-metal IRA is entirely up to you, as stated above. You should choose a higher initial deposit if you want to build wealth over time. You might prefer a lower initial deposit if you intend to invest smaller amounts every month.

As far as the actual precious metals used in your IRA go, you can purchase any number of different types of investments. The most common include:

  • Bullion bars, rounds and coins in gold – Gold
  • Silver – Rounds, and coins
  • Platinum – Coins
  • Palladium – Round and bar forms
  • Mercury – Round or bar forms


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