Glassnode Data Reveals Bitcoin Supply Becoming Less Liquid Despite Market Gains

Bitcoin's Scarce Supply Contradicts Price Rally

A recent study conducted by Glassnode on onchain activities has shed light on the tightening supply of bitcoin. Despite the significant increase in bitcoin's value this year, the study shows that the inactivity of coins has reached unprecedented levels.

Over the past year, BTC has experienced a surge of 71% and a 114% increase since the beginning of the year. However, Glassnode's report indicates that the availability of bitcoin remains limited, primarily due to steadfast holders.

Non-Liquid Supply Reaches Record Levels

Analyzing the onchain data, Glassnode reveals that 68.8% of bitcoin hasn't moved in over a year. Additionally, the non-liquid supply index has reached a record-breaking 15.4 million BTC. Long-term investors hold a significant portion of this bitcoin cache, while the supply held by short-term investors has drastically decreased.

This growing gap in supply highlights the reluctance of current investors to sell their holdings. Since July 2022, the difference between supplies held by long-standing and recent investors has continued to widen, emphasizing the contrast between dormant and circulating supplies.

Decline in Activity-to-Vaulting Ratio

Glassnode introduces a new metric called the Activity-to-Vaulting Ratio, which has been decreasing since June 2021. The trajectory of this ratio experienced a notable dip post-June 2022, indicating a decrease in market exuberance compared to the previous cycle.

The analysis of spending patterns reveals that investors are accumulating and holding bitcoin rather than actively trading it. The Sell-Side Risk Ratio for short-term holders has increased after the rally, suggesting some profit-taking. In contrast, the same ratio for long-term holders remains historically low.

Increased Investor Confidence

Glassnode's evaluation of wallet activity shows a significant increase in wallet sizes across the board, indicating growing investor confidence. "Shrimps" and "Crabs" have been actively buying bitcoin, accounting for 92% of the bitcoin mined since May 2022. "Shrimps" hold less than one bitcoin, "Crabs" possess 1-10 BTC, and "Fish" own anywhere between 10-100 BTC.

Implications of a Tight Bitcoin Supply

Glassnode analysts conclude that the bitcoin supply is historically tight, with various metrics showing high levels of coin inactivity. Despite this, bitcoin has performed strongly in terms of price. This suggests that the supply of bitcoin is tightly held, reflecting the confidence and conviction of current investors.

What are your thoughts on Glassnode's report regarding the tightening bitcoin supply? Feel free to share your opinions in the comments section below.

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