Judge Urges SEC Decision on Planned Celsius Restart as Crypto Miner

New York Judge Hopes for Expedited SEC Decision on Celsius’ Repayment Proposal

During a court hearing on Monday, Judge Martin Glenn, who oversees the bankruptcy of Celsius, called on the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to quickly decide whether it will authorize the company to transform itself into a crypto mining firm. The proposal aims to repay customers of the bankrupt cryptocurrency lender with both crypto assets and stock in a new publicly traded mining entity.

Glenn expressed his hope that the SEC will expedite the decision-making process due to Celsius and its creditors moving quickly through Chapter 11. He stated, "The SEC will make whatever decision it believes is the correct one. I just hope the process will move forward, so if there are any bumps in the road we can try and work those out along the way."

Repayment Proposal and Potential Liquidation

The plan is to partially repay customers who have had their accounts frozen since before the lender filed for bankruptcy in June 2022. This will be done using a combination of cryptocurrency and stock in the crypto mining entity. The new management team of the mining entity will be led by Arrington Capital, according to the report.

Glenn mentioned that he will issue a ruling as soon as possible, but the arrangement will still require approval from the securities regulator. If the plan to exit Chapter 11 through the proposed transformation into a new business fails, the crypto company may have to liquidate.

Challenges and Support

While the repayment proposal has received widespread support from creditors, some of Celsius' customers are challenging it. These customers prefer liquidation as they would receive more crypto assets rather than shares in a new firm that has yet to prove itself in the market. Additionally, some customers have expressed concerns about the fees paid to bankruptcy advisers who work to ensure creditor support for the plan.

SEC Lawsuit and Investor Concerns

In July of this year, the SEC sued Celsius, accusing the failed crypto lender and its former CEO Alexander "Alex" Mashinsky of making fraudulent promises for the platform's "Earn Interest Program" and misleading investors about the company's financial state. The agency also highlighted that investors were unable to withdraw billions of U.S. dollars in crypto assets when the business started to collapse.


The fate of Celsius Network's proposed transformation into a crypto mining firm now lies in the hands of the SEC. Judge Martin Glenn has urged the regulator to make a decision promptly, considering the progress made by Celsius and its creditors in the bankruptcy process. The repayment proposal, which has gained support from creditors, faces challenges from customers who prefer liquidation and have concerns about the fees involved. The SEC's decision will determine whether Celsius can move forward with its plans or face potential liquidation.

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