The Importance of In-Kind Creation in Bitcoin ETFs: An Expert’s Perspective

The Call for In-Kind Creation

A finance professor from Georgetown University has recently urged the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) to avoid micromanaging the creation and redemption process for spot bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs). In a letter penned to the SEC, the professor emphasized the importance of adopting the in-kind creation method instead of the cash creation method proposed by the SEC.

The Need for Freedom of Choice

The professor expressed concerns over the possibility of the SEC allowing only cash creation and redemption for bitcoin ETFs. According to the professor, this restriction would limit the freedom of issuers and authorized participants (APs) to choose whether to create or redeem in-kind. This limitation would result in higher costs, wider bid-ask spreads, and potential mispricing of ETFs in relation to the spot price of bitcoin. Allowing in-kind creation and redemption, on the other hand, eliminates trading costs and execution risks for the ETF, benefiting both shareholders and investors.

The Advantages of In-Kind Creation

The professor highlighted the numerous advantages of in-kind creation and redemption. With this method, ETFs can avoid transaction costs associated with buying and selling bitcoin. Additionally, bid-ask spreads and operational costs can be minimized by not having to build a competent trading capacity in bitcoin. Timing costs, which arise from the risk of bitcoin price fluctuations between the establishment of the net asset value (NAV) and the actual trading of bitcoin, can also be mitigated. In the context of bitcoin's high volatility, eliminating execution risk is crucial for providing a more stable investment environment.

The Role of ETF Sponsors

According to the professor, the SEC should listen to the ETF sponsors who possess extensive experience in creating and redeeming ETFs. Micromanaging the creation and redemption process would hinder the professional judgment of these sponsors. Both Blackrock and Fidelity, two prominent financial institutions, have recognized the advantages of the in-kind model, such as lower transaction costs, resistance to market manipulation, and simplicity.

Seizing the Opportunity

The professor concluded by emphasizing that the SEC should not jeopardize the positive development of allowing spot bitcoin ETFs to trade in the U.S. by enforcing a suboptimal product that only allows cash creation and redemption. By embracing the in-kind creation method, the SEC can ensure a more efficient and investor-friendly environment for bitcoin ETFs.

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