U.S. Lawmaker Slams SEC for Lack of Clarity in Crypto Market Regulation


Lawmaker Criticizes SEC's Approach to Crypto Industry

A U.S. lawmaker has criticized the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) for its deliberate policy preference to provide less clarity to the crypto market. Congressman Tom Emmer accused the SEC of not adhering to the law and suggested that this was the reason behind the SEC's frequent losses in court. Emmer made these comments during a hearing of the House Subcommittee on Digital Assets, Financial Technology and Inclusion.

SEC's Policy Preference for Less Clarity

Emmer expressed his frustration with the SEC's approach to regulating the crypto industry, stating that the SEC intentionally chooses to provide less clarity instead of more. He described this as a complete disservice to the capital markets. Emmer's comments came after a speech given by William Hinman, the former director of the Division of Corporation Finance at the SEC, in which he discussed the concept of tokens morphing from securities to non-securities.

SEC's Lack of Clarity

Emmer highlighted a review by Valerie A. Szczepanik, the director of the SEC's Strategic Hub for Innovation and Financial Technology, which suggested that providing less detail in speeches would generate more discussions. Emmer questioned whether the current SEC chair, Gary Gensler, shares this view. However, Szczepanik declined to comment on Gensler's position.

Rulemaking Through Enforcement Actions

Emmer criticized the lack of guidance issued by the SEC's Finhub under Gensler's leadership. He accused the SEC of engaging in rulemaking through enforcement actions, rather than providing clear guidance on how security laws apply to cryptocurrencies. Emmer also questioned whether Hinman's previous statement that ether is not a security still reflects the SEC's current view, but Szczepanik declined to answer.

Emmer's Criticism of SEC and Chair Gensler

Congressman Emmer has been a vocal critic of the SEC's enforcement-centric approach to regulating the crypto industry. He has supported legislation seeking to remove Gensler as the chair of the securities regulator and has successfully introduced an amendment to limit the SEC's enforcement actions against the crypto industry. Emmer has also called for increased resources to bring more crypto activity onshore to strengthen national security.

What are your thoughts on Congressman Tom Emmer's criticism of the SEC? Do you believe SEC Chair Gary Gensler has a personal agenda in regulating the crypto industry? Share your opinions in the comments below.

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