Abraxas Bitcoin Scandal: $144M in Bitcoin Suddenly Moved to Mixer


An onchain analyst, Zachxbt, recently discovered that 4,800 bitcoins that were stolen from the now-defunct darknet marketplace Abraxas have been transferred to a bitcoin mixing service. Abraxas exit scammed in November 2015 after less than a year of operation, and the stolen bitcoins had remained untouched since then.

Bitcoin Movement and Consolidation

Zachxbt reported on the social media site X (formerly Twitter) that an entity moved approximately 4,800 bitcoins, valued at $144 million, from an Abraxas wallet to a mixing service. This transaction signifies the first movement of the stolen bitcoins since the marketplace's exit scam in 2015. The entity not only consolidated the funds but also deposited them into a bitcoin mixer.

Abraxas's Dark Past

Abraxas, which started operating around the same time as other infamous darknet marketplaces like Alphabay and Agora, launched on December 13, 2014. However, on November 5, 2015, Abraxas suddenly became inaccessible, leaving its customers and vendors in distress. The bitcoin wallets associated with Abraxas were emptied in March 2016.

Aftermath of Abraxas Exit Scam

Following the exit scam, Abraxas users and vendors were left searching for alternative darknet marketplaces. Unfortunately, many of these new platforms also defrauded their users. Research indicates that Agora, another popular marketplace, shut down around the same time as Abraxas, leading users from both Abraxas and Agora to migrate to Alphabay.

Alphabay's Ascendancy and Demise

Alphabay quickly rose to prominence and became the leading darknet marketplace after the downfall of Abraxas and Agora. However, its reign was short-lived, as law enforcement seized the platform in July 2017. The recent movement of the Abraxas bitcoin stash remains a mystery, but it is worth noting that the funds are now worth $142 million more than they were in 2015.


The sudden movement of the stolen bitcoins from the Abraxas scandal raises questions about the motives behind the transfer. The stolen funds, which had been dormant for years, have now resurfaced and are significantly more valuable. What do you think about this development? Share your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.

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