Australian Government Official Questions ASIC Over Failure to Issue Warning Against Hyperverse Crypto Investment Scheme


ASIC Accused of Neglecting Investor Protection

An Australian government official has raised concerns about the Australian Securities and Investments Commission (ASIC) failing to issue a consumer warning against the Hyperverse crypto investment scheme. Stephen Jones, the assistant treasurer in the Australian government, plans to query ASIC's decision and question why it did not follow the lead of regulators in the UK, New Zealand, Canada, Germany, and Hungary.

Hyperverse CEO's Fictitious Identity Exposed

The assistant treasurer's remarks come in the wake of a media investigation that revealed the CEO of Hyperverse, Steven Reece Lewis, to be a fictional character. The University of Leeds and the University of Cambridge have both confirmed that they do not have any records of Lewis, as previously reported by News.

According to media reports, the collapsed Hyperverse crypto investment scheme falsely presented its CEO, Steven Reece Lewis, as a graduate of prestigious universities. The scheme also claimed endorsements from celebrities like Steve Wozniak and Chuck Norris, which helped attract and defraud thousands of investors.

Assistant Treasurer Questions Lack of Warning

The assistant treasurer characterized the operation of the Hyperverse scheme as a deceptive strategy aimed at convincing unsuspecting individuals to invest in a non-existent product, with the only source of income being money from new investors. He expressed confusion as to why ASIC did not issue a warning and suggested that the scheme displayed characteristics of a scam, indicating the need for investor protection.

Importance of Regulator Warnings

The question arises whether warnings from regulators can effectively protect investors from falling victim to crypto scams. Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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How to buy silver with your IRA

How to start buying Silver with Your IRA – The best method to invest directly in silver or gold is through the direct ownership of physical bullion. The most popular investment form is silver bars and coins. This is because it offers diversification and liquidity.

There are many options available if you wish to purchase precious metals such as gold and silver. You can purchase them directly through their producers, which include mining companies or refiners. You can also purchase them through a dealer, who buys and sellers bullion products, if you don’t want to deal directly with the producer.

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  1. Investing In Gold & Silver Directly – This is the best option to buy precious metals. This means that you can get the bullion straight from the source, and it will be delivered directly to your front door. Some investors store their bullion in their home. Others choose to store their bullion in a safe storage location that is insured and protected. Make sure you properly store your precious metal when you keep it. Many storage facilities offer insurance against fire, theft and damage. But even with insurance, you risk losing your investments due to natural disasters or human error. The safe storage of precious metals at a bank or credit card union is always recommended.
  2. Online Precious Metals Shopping – Bullion online can be a great alternative to carrying around heavy boxes. Bullion dealers have a wide range of bullion options, including bars and coins. Coins are available in a variety of sizes, shapes, designs, and colors. Coins are usually easier to carry than bars, and they tend to be less expensive. Bars come in different weights and sizes. Bars can weigh hundreds of lbs, while others weigh only a few ounces. The best rule of thumb for choosing the right type of bar is to consider your intended use. A smaller size bar might work well if you are giving it away as a present. On the other hand, if you want to add it to your collection and display it proudly, you might want to spend a little extra money and get something larger.
  3. Dealers for Precious Metal – The third option is to buy bullion direct from dealers. Most dealers specialize in one area of the market, whether gold or silver. Some dealers specialize in certain types of bullion, such as rounds or minted coins. Others are more skilled in certain regions. And yet others specialize in bulk purchases. You will be able to find competitive prices and simple payment options no matter who dealer you choose.
  4. Buy Precious Metallics from Retirement Accounts. While technically not an “investment”, it's possible to invest in retirement accounts to gain exposure. Investments in precious metals must be made through a qualified retirement plan to receive tax benefits as per Section 219 of IRS Code. These include IRAs as well 403(b), 401(k), and 403 (b) plans. These accounts are often set up to help you save more for retirement. They offer higher returns than most other investment vehicles. You can also diversify your holdings by opening these accounts. The problem? Investments in retirement accounts aren't available to everyone. These accounts can only, however, be accessed by those who work for an employer that sponsors them.


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