Bitcoin Hits 20-Month High, Other Cryptos Struggle to Reach Previous Peaks


Bitcoin Reaches Highest Level in 20 Months

On December 5, 2023, the value of bitcoin surged to $44,490 per coin, marking its highest level in 20 months. This recent increase in value has not only benefitted bitcoin but also a multitude of other cryptocurrencies. However, despite significant percentage gains, these digital currencies have yet to reach the peak values achieved in April 2022.

The Current State of the Cryptocurrency Market

The overall cryptocurrency market is currently valued at $1.67 trillion, with a global trade volume of about $158 billion recorded over the previous day. Comparing this to April 6, 2022, when bitcoin was trading at $43,926 per coin, we can see a significant increase in its value. However, the cryptocurrency market as a whole was valued at $2.11 trillion during that time, highlighting a reduction in the overall market economy.


Changes in Other Cryptocurrencies

Twenty months ago, ethereum (ETH) was trading at $3,229 per unit. Today, its value has decreased to $2,296 per unit, showing a decrease of $933. BNB, another popular cryptocurrency, was valued at $427 per unit in the past, but now it is trading at $231. Solana (SOL) has also seen significant activity, with its price dropping from $118 to $62 over the same period. Additionally, Terra's LUNA, once trading at $107 per coin and ranked as the seventh largest crypto asset, has fallen to the 55th position with a current value of $0.00022749 per coin.

Changes in Stablecoins

Stablecoins like tether (USDT) and circle's usd coin (USDC) have also experienced changes in their market capitalizations. USDT's market capitalization has increased from $82.51 billion to $90 billion, while USDC's market valuation has decreased from $50.9 billion to $24.33 billion. Terra usd (UST), another stablecoin, has seen a significant decrease in its market cap, dropping from $16.74 billion to $478 million. BUSD has also seen a decrease in supply, dropping from $17.7 billion to $1.59 billion.

The Dominance of Bitcoin in the Crypto Market

Bitcoin's recent surge to a 20-month high highlights its dominant position in the crypto market. While other cryptocurrencies have seen gains, they have not reached their previous peak values. This indicates a diverse and evolving digital currency landscape.

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