Bitmap Theory: Revolutionizing the Bitcoin Metaverse with a Valuation of $235 Million



Bitmap Theory, a groundbreaking initiative launched in the summer of last year, is rapidly gaining traction in the digital space. Its primary objective is to integrate a metaverse, a digital realm, into the Bitcoin blockchain. Leveraging the innovative Ordinal inscription technology, Bitmap allows individuals to claim ownership of specific segments of the Bitcoin blockchain. Currently, Bitmap boasts a market capitalization of approximately $235 million, marking an impressive surge of over 5,500% in just the past two months.

Bitcoin's New Frontier: Bitmap Theory's Impact in the Crypto Space

In the ever-evolving world of non-fungible token (NFT) markets, Bitmap has emerged as a strong contender on platforms like Magic Eden. It currently holds the second position in trading volume, trailing only behind the popular Bitcoin Frogs series. Over the past week, the trading volume for Bitmap reached around 125.27 BTC or $5.48 million. In the last 24 hours alone, the trading volume amounted to approximately $34,370, according to data from

The floor value of Bitmap currently stands at approximately 0.00680 BTC or $296.71. With a market valuation of $235 million, it even reached over $300 million as recently as December 21, 2023. Bitmap Theory, conceived by Blockamoto, aims to transform Bitcoin blocks into integral components of the metaverse through the use of Ordinals and Bitmap. This open-source standard is still in its early stages but holds great potential to create a "Bitcoin Metaverse" by leveraging the framework of Bitcoin.

Bitmap's Unique Features and Potential

Bitmap's innovative approach has attracted attention and support from enthusiasts who believe it could rival or surpass existing platforms like Sandbox and Decentraland. Additionally, an initiative called Bitearth has recently been introduced with the mission of creating an "immutable augmented reality for Bitmap." This initiative ensures that every Bitmap owner possesses a designated piece of the earth, linking these pieces to a map and incorporating 3D Bitcoin-orange structures.

As Bitmap establishes its presence in the metaverse with a market capitalization of $235 million, it finds itself at the intersection of innovation and speculation. While its rapid rise and pioneering technology point to a promising future, the volatile nature of digital realms and the ever-changing blockchain landscape leave its destiny intriguingly uncertain. Bitmap beckons observers with the potential for a theoretical yet potentially revolutionary horizon.


In conclusion, Bitmap Theory is revolutionizing the Bitcoin metaverse with its innovative approach and remarkable valuation of $235 million. By integrating a digital realm into the Bitcoin blockchain, Bitmap allows individuals to claim ownership of specific segments of the blockchain through the use of Ordinals and Bitmap. With its growing market capitalization and unique features, Bitmap has the potential to become a major player in the metaverse, challenging existing platforms and shaping the future of digital realms. Share your thoughts and opinions on Bitmap in the comments section below.

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