Brazil to Discuss Digital Currency Usage for Financial Transactions in G20


Brazil to Discuss Digital Currencies as G20 President

The government of Brazil, as the current president of the Group of the Twenty (G20), will focus on the topic of digital currencies and their potential benefits for financial transactions. Brazil aims to leverage its position to advance the digital agenda and evaluate how the twenty largest economies can adapt their regulatory frameworks to harness the advantages of digital currencies.

Advantages of Digital Currencies in Financial Transactions

During a recent event, Roberto Campos Neto, the president of the Central Bank of Brazil, emphasized the potential cost reduction of international transactions through the use of digital currencies. He highlighted that the G20 will strive to enhance the settlement and governance of international transfers.


One significant advantage of digital currencies is programmability, which allows for more efficient financial transactions. Campos Neto explained that programmability enables the scheduling of asset purchases and payments, leading to efficiency gains in the financial transactions arena.

Additionally, Campos Neto emphasized that the monetization of user data will play a crucial role in reducing the costs associated with using digital currencies. He believes that digital currencies are a technology that is here to stay and that they democratize financial transactions.

Brazil's Pilot Digital Currency: Drex

Brazil is currently in the pilot stages of developing its own digital currency called drex. This currency is designed to have a high degree of programmability, enabling automated transactions involving assets such as cars and real estate. According to previous statements from Campos Neto, the launch of drex could take place in 2024.


Brazil, as the president of the G20, is actively promoting the discussion of digital currencies and their potential benefits for financial transactions. The country aims to explore the advantages of programmability and the monetization of user data in order to reduce costs and improve efficiency in the financial system. With the development of its pilot digital currency, Brazil is taking concrete steps towards embracing the future of digital transactions.

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