Celsius Network Unstakes Ethereum Holdings Amid Restructuring Efforts

Celsius Network's Decision to Unstake Ethereum

Celsius Network, the bankrupt cryptocurrency lender, has announced its plan to unstake a significant amount of ethereum (ETH) holdings. This move is part of the company's ongoing efforts to restructure its operations and address outstanding liabilities.

Unstake Ether to Facilitate Asset Distribution

The decision to unstake ethereum is part of Celsius Network's broader strategy to manage its assets during a challenging phase. After filing for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection in July 2022, the company faced a liquidity crisis due to the downward spiral of the crypto market. By unstaking ethereum, Celsius aims to provide the necessary liquidity to cover costs incurred during the restructuring process and ensure timely distributions to creditors.

On Friday, the company announced its plan to unstake existing ETH holdings, which have generated valuable staking rewards income. This significant unstaking activity will unlock ETH and facilitate timely distributions to creditors.

Impact on Asset Handling

According to blockchain and crypto intelligence firm Nansen's staking data, Celsius has approximately 206,300 ETH queued for unstaking withdrawal. This substantial withdrawal is expected to have a considerable impact on the company's asset handling and demonstrates its commitment to meeting obligations to creditors.

Broader Restructuring Strategy

The decision to unstake ethereum aligns with Celsius Network's broader restructuring strategy. In addition to asset redistribution, the company has also shifted its focus towards alternative commercial paths. In November 2023, Celsius announced its post-bankruptcy focus on bitcoin mining, signaling a strategic pivot in its business operations. This shift was approved by U.S. District Judge Martin Glenn of Manhattan in December 2023.

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