FTX Reimbursement Plan Faces Objections from Customers



FTX estate debtors recently submitted a proposal to reimburse customer assets based on their value as of November 11, 2022. However, this plan has faced significant objections from FTX customers, who are dissatisfied with various aspects of the proposed compensation. Let's delve into the objections raised and the concerns expressed by these customers.

Objection 1: Depleting Creditor Funds

A notable objection comes from an FTX client in France, who accuses the estate of depleting creditor funds through the imposition of exorbitant charges for their services. This customer expresses dissatisfaction with the compensation offered in fiat currency, especially considering the valuation of crypto assets during a time when markets were at their lowest in years.


Objection 2: Dissatisfaction with Fiat Compensation

FTX customers have expressed significant dissatisfaction with the company's reorganization plan, which proposes compensating customers in fiat currency based on the value of their crypto assets as of November 11, 2022 – the day the crypto exchange declared Chapter 11 bankruptcy. Despite the current trading value of bitcoin (BTC) being above $40,000, the proposed "Digital Asset Conversion Table" values it at only $16,871 per coin. This has led to multiple objections being raised in the bankruptcy court docket.

Objection 3: Significant Losses for Creditors

A customer from Portugal has highlighted the significant losses faced by creditors due to the bankruptcy process. This customer claims that $500 million in fees have been deducted, which they believe should be used to benefit the customers instead. They argue that this situation creates an incentive for certain parties to prolong the proceedings, accumulating more fees. Additionally, this individual argues that setting the value of crypto assets based on their November 11, 2022, prices contradicts the terms of service (ToS).

Objection 4: Equating Reimbursement to Theft

Another objection comes from a French customer who believes that reimbursing creditors based on the November 2022 valuation of their crypto assets effectively amounts to stealing from the victims. In a letter to Judge Dorsey, this customer urges the judge to intervene and prevent what they describe as a second theft. Another objector disputes the conversion table, stating that their claim's value is 2.55 times higher than the specified date. They argue that approving this proposal would unfairly prejudice a significant class of customers. This client also points out that the FTX ToS clearly states that the crypto assets belong to the owners and should never have been co-mingled with other funds.

Alternative Suggestions and Market Values

Since its unveiling in December 2023, the proposed reimbursement plan has faced a steady stream of objections. Creditors have submitted letters suggesting various alternatives to the judge, rather than accepting the estate's proposed strategy. Additionally, there has been a trend of claims being transferred to different entities. Current market values for FTX claims show sellers asking for $0.77 on the dollar, while bids are coming in at around $0.72.


The objections raised by FTX customers regarding the proposed reimbursement plan highlight their dissatisfaction with the compensation offered and the valuation of their crypto assets. These objections and alternative suggestions will be taken into consideration as the bankruptcy proceedings continue. What are your thoughts on these objections? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

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