Janet Yellen Declares U.S. Economy Reached ‘Soft Landing’ Scenario

Janet Yellen's Assessment of the U.S. Economy

Janet Yellen, former Chairman of the U.S. Federal Reserve and current U.S. Treasury Secretary, believes that recent improvements in the American economy indicate that the country has achieved a soft landing. She points to low inflation figures and a robust labor market as indicators of this positive scenario.

Positive Signs Point to a Soft Landing

According to Yellen, the measures taken by the Federal Reserve, such as interest rate hikes, have successfully slowed down inflation without causing a recession. She emphasizes that the latest labor market and inflation numbers support this view. Yellen highlights that the labor market has remained strong, with the unemployment percentage staying below 4% for 23 consecutive months, a feat not witnessed in 50 years. Additionally, the economy added 216,000 jobs in December.

In a recent post, Yellen stated, "The American people, workers, and businesses have helped put us on a path to a soft landing. The President's economic agenda is giving them the tools they need to grow the economy, including historic investments in infrastructure, clean technology, and semiconductors."

Advances and Remaining Challenges

Yellen also acknowledges the significant progress made by the U.S. economic apparatus in achieving a substantial decline in inflation over the past six months. However, she notes that there is still work to be done regarding housing and food prices, which have remained high. She further mentions that polls indicate a growing optimism among Americans about their future.

These recent statements by Yellen align with her remarks from December, where she emphasized that while there is always a risk of recession, she did not consider it particularly high at that time. She believes that people will gradually start feeling more positive about the economy as time goes on.

What are your thoughts on Janet Yellen's assessment of the soft landing scenario? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

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