Lido and Rocket Pool Reach New Milestones in Liquid Staking with 9 Million and 1 Million Ether Deposits


Recent data reveals that Lido, the leading liquid staking protocol (LSP), now holds over 9 million ethereum within its system. This figure represents a significant 77.81% of the total ethereum value locked in current LSPs, underscoring Lido's dominant position in the market.

Lido's Dominance in the Liquid Staking Market

The industry of liquid staking, now valued in the billions, is led by Lido, the leading liquid staking protocol in today's decentralized finance (defi) landscape. Liquid staking, at its core, involves staking tokens while the assets remain "liquid" or "unlocked," allowing for diverse applications. This method allows stakers to earn rewards while maintaining access to their funds.

Lido Surpasses 9 Million Ether Deposits

For an extended period, Lido has been at the forefront of this market, and on November 21, 2023, it reached a significant milestone by surpassing 9 million in ether deposits. As of December 3, 2023, Lido holds a substantial 9.28 million ethereum (ETH) in deposits. In the preceding 36 days, dating back to October 27, 2023, the platform saw an influx of 490,000 ether.

Lido's Market Share and Competition

The current total value locked (TVL) in the protocol is estimated at $20.05 billion, based on prevailing exchange rates. Among the 25 liquid staking protocols (LSPs), Lido accounts for a commanding 77.81% of the market share. The second-largest player, Rocket Pool, recorded a deposit of 49,214 ether in the same 36-day period.

Rocket Pool's Milestone

Additionally, Rocket Pool recently celebrated a significant achievement, surpassing the 1 million ETH mark in TVL. While Lido and Rocket Pool observed deposits of 490,000 and over 49,000 ether respectively, Binance's LSP experienced a more modest increase of 3,459 ETH since October 27.

Lido's STETH and Rocket Pool's RETH Tokens

In the realm of staking token derivatives, Lido's STETH ranks among the top ten crypto assets on some market aggregation platforms, such as, although it's not listed in the top ten on Were STETH to be recognized among the top ten crypto assets today, its market capitalization would rank it as the eighth largest.

Meanwhile, Rocket Pool's RETH token is currently positioned as the 52nd largest among more than 10,000 listed crypto assets. Moreover, LSPs account for more than 52% of the TVL in defi today, according to Lido and Rocket Pool's milestones highlight that together, these protocols now control a combined total of 10 million in locked ether worth $22.28 billion.


The achievements of Lido and Rocket Pool in reaching the milestones of 9 million and 1 million ether deposits respectively demonstrate their dominance in the liquid staking market. As the industry continues to evolve, these protocols play a crucial role in enabling stakers to earn rewards while maintaining access to their funds. The future looks promising for liquid staking, and it will be interesting to see how Lido and Rocket Pool further contribute to the growth and development of this space.


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