NoOne’s Impact: Empowering Global South Entrepreneurs Through Bitcoin

When Binance announced its exit from Nigeria, shockwaves reverberated through the crypto community. The move raised questions about the challenges faced by entrepreneurs in the Global South amid a currency war that is reshaping the financial landscape. As the CEO of NoOnes, a peer-to-peer Bitcoin trading platform that operates in the Global South, I anticipated these issues years ago.

Anticipating the Shift

Three years ago, while heading a Bitcoin company in the United States, I witnessed firsthand the financial barriers and regulatory hurdles that hindered services to Africans. The bias of American regulators towards Western interests made it clear that a shift was necessary. Thus, NoOnes was born out of the need to create a platform that caters to the unique challenges faced by entrepreneurs in the Global South.


Forging a New Path

Amidst the escalating challenges, blaming governments alone is not the solution. Understanding the pressures on leaders is crucial to fostering collaboration and charting a new course forward. Instead of divisive rhetoric, we need constructive dialogue to navigate the complexities of the financial system and empower entrepreneurs.

Empowering Entrepreneurs

Entrepreneurs in the Global South are hindered by market restrictions that limit cross-border transactions and expansion opportunities. To unleash their full potential, we must advocate for free trade and a fluid monetary system. This requires bold decisions, like relocating operations and starting anew in the Global South, as I did with NoOnes.

Boots on the Ground

Running a crypto business serving Africa from another continent is impractical. To address local challenges and provide tailored solutions, a physical presence in the Global South is essential. NoOnes' commitment to on-the-ground operations ensures a deeper understanding of the market and enables us to better serve our users.

Partnership and Empowerment

At NoOnes, we view Africans as partners, not targets for exploitation. By involving local talent in our operations and profit-sharing initiatives, we prioritize community empowerment and mutual growth. Our goal is to create a level playing field where entrepreneurs can thrive and contribute to their local economies.

Seizing Opportunities

Despite the challenges posed by Binance's exit, opportunities abound for forward-thinking entrepreneurs in Nigeria and beyond. NoOnes stands ready to support dynamic individuals who recognize the potential of Bitcoin and seek to participate in the economic transformation of the Global South. The journey may be arduous, but the rewards of engaging with the fastest-growing continent are immeasurable.

Ray Youssef's insights shed light on the transformative power of Bitcoin and the role of platforms like NoOnes in empowering entrepreneurs in the Global South. As we navigate the evolving financial landscape, collaboration and innovation will pave the way for a more inclusive and prosperous future.

Frequently Asked Questions

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It all depends on your willingness to take the risk of an IRA account losing its value. If you have $10,000 cash, they make sense as long as you don’t expect your IRA account to grow rapidly. These are not the best investments if there is a long-term plan for saving money (like gold) or if you want to invest more in assets that will rise in value over time. They can also come with fees that could cut into any gains.

How to Open a Precious Metal IRA

A self-directed Roth Individual Retirement Account is the best way to open a IRA for precious metals.

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There are many other options than investing in gold and silver. You can invest in anything you want if it fits the IRS guidelines.

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You have many options to invest in precious metals. These include purchasing bullion coins and bars, as well as shares in mining companies.

Bullion Coins and Bars

The easiest way to invest in precious materials is to buy bullion coins or bars. Bullion is a generic term that refers only to physical ounces in gold or silver.

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Mining Companies

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The Bottom Line

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  • The IRS also allows American Eagle coins, even though they do not meet gold's 99.5% purity standard. (
  • If you accidentally make an improper transaction, the IRS will disallow it and count it as a withdrawal so that you would owe income tax on the item's value and, if you are younger than 59 ½, an additional 10% early withdrawal penalty. (
  • SEP-IRA”Simplified employee pension” For self-employed people like independent contractors, freelancers, and small-business ownersSame tax rules as traditional IRASEP IRA contributions in 2022 are limited to 25% of compensation or $66,000, whichever is less4. (
  • Silver must be 99.9% pure • (

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How to start buying silver with your IRA

How to start buying Silver with Your IRA – The best method to invest directly in silver or gold is through the direct ownership of physical bullion. Bars and silver coins are the most common form of investment. They offer liquidity, diversification, and convenience.

There are several options to purchase precious metals, like gold or silver. You can purchase them directly from their producers, such as mining companies and refiners. You can also buy bullion products from dealers, but this will not save you the trouble of dealing with producers directly.

This article will tell you how to start investing with your IRA in silver.

  1. Investing Directly in Gold & Silver – This is the first way to get precious metals directly from their source. This means that you can get the bullion straight from the source, and it will be delivered directly to your front door. While some investors prefer to keep their bullion inside their homes, others choose to store it in a storage facility that is insured and protected. Protect your precious metal by storing it correctly. Many storage facilities offer insurance against fire, theft and damage. But even with insurance, you risk losing your investments due to natural disasters or human error. It is always a good idea to store precious metals in safe deposit boxes at banks or credit unions.
  2. Online Precious Metals Buying – If you prefer not to transport heavy boxes of precious metal around, then buying bullion online is an option. Bullion dealers sell bullion online in many forms, including coins or bars. You can find coins in many sizes, shapes, or designs. Coins are generally more convenient to carry than bars. Bars come in a variety of sizes and weights. Some bars are heavy and weigh hundreds of pounds while others only weigh a few grams. The best rule of thumb for choosing the right type of bar is to consider your intended use. If you plan to use it as a gift, you might want to consider something smaller. It might not be the best choice if you're looking to add it in your collection or display it proudly.
  3. Precious Metals From Dealers – A third option to buying bullion is from a dealer. Dealers usually specialize in one market area, such as silver or gold. Some dealers specialize only in bullion of certain types, such as rounds or minted coin. Others may specialize in specific areas. Some specialize in bulk purchasing. No matter what dealer you choose you will find that they offer great prices and flexible payment options.
  4. Buy Precious Metals Through Retirement Accounts. Although it is not considered an “investment”, investing in retirement accounts can provide exposure to precious metals. Investments in precious metals must be made through a qualified retirement plan to receive tax benefits as per Section 219 of IRS Code. These accounts include IRAs. Since these accounts are set up specifically to help you save for retirement, they often offer higher returns than many other investment vehicles. Many of these accounts let you diversify your holdings across multiple types of metals. The problem? You can't invest in retirement accounts. Only people who work for employers that sponsor them can invest in these accounts.


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