Russian Investigator Took Over 1,000 BTC in Bribe Money From Hackers, Report

A hacking group paid a record-breaking amount of cryptocurrency to an investigator in Moscow. A Russian newspaper reported that the corrupt official had accepted bitcoins worth millions of dollars and was saving the digital currency for his retirement.

The investigator is under investigation in Russia after receiving a large Bitcoin bribe

The Kommersant reported that investigators in Russia are currently working on a case of corruption involving one their former colleagues. The news is released as a Moscow court prepares to hear a case in which prosecutors want to seize his crypto stash.

Marat Tambiev, who was hired by the Moscow Tverskoy district in December 2011, climbed up the ladder of success to become the head of the Investigation Department. His salary was the only source of income for him and his family. They did not own any expensive properties or have savings in rubles or foreign currencies.

Investigators and prosecutors in the investigation launched against Tambiev, for large-scale corruption, found that he owned a total 1032.1 BTC, whose value, at the time, was estimated to be 1.662 billion Rubles (almost 24 million dollars).

The defendant received the cryptocurrency from Mark, Konstantin Bergmanov, and Kirill Samotyaevsky in April 2022 for failing to seize their assets. Tambiev led the investigation in their criminal case.

Russian authorities seize corrupt official's crypto currency savings

The crypto was found during a search in his apartment located in the Russian capital. Law enforcement officers discovered his laptop among other items. They were able penetrate it a few month later. In a folder named "Pension", there was a photo of a piece of paper containing records that allowed Marat Tabiev to gain access to two amounts of cryptocurrency – 932.1 BTC, and 100 BTC. The bitcoins were confiscated and moved to a hardware wallet as physical evidence.

According to the article, 1.6 billion rubles worth of cryptocurrency represents a record amount in a corruption case that involves a Russian official. Dmitry Zakharchenko was the previous case, in which he collected bribes worth 1.4 billion Rubles.

The Russian parliament is currently reviewing several bills that include texts introducing criminal responsibility for the use of crypto assets for illegal purposes.

Do you believe this is the biggest crypto-bribe that a Russian official has accepted? Please tell us what you think in the comment section below.

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Title: Russian Investigator Took Over 1,000 BTC in Bribe Money From Hackers, Report
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