SEC Delays Decision on Global X Bitcoin Trust’s Spot Bitcoin ETF


Delay in Approving Global X Spot Bitcoin ETF

The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) has announced a delay in its decision on the application of Global X Bitcoin Trust to list a spot bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF). This delay, disclosed on November 17, 2023, adds to the ongoing uncertainty surrounding spot bitcoin ETFs.

Global X Bitcoin Trust Aims to Expand Investor Base

The Global X Bitcoin Trust aims to provide investors with exposure to bitcoin (BTC) through an ETF structure. This move could potentially attract a wider range of investors to the cryptocurrency asset. The proposal, originally submitted by the Cboe BZX Exchange on August 4, 2023, seeks to list and trade shares of the trust based on the exchange's rules for commodity-based trust shares.


SEC's Rationale for the Delay

In its order, the SEC has cited the need for further analysis to determine whether the proposed ETF complies with the requirements of the Securities Exchange Act. The commission is specifically evaluating the proposal's alignment with the Act's mandates, which include preventing fraudulent and manipulative acts, as well as protecting investors and the public interest.

The SEC's concerns primarily revolve around the liquidity and transparency of the BTC market and its vulnerability to manipulation. The commission's proceedings will allow for more public input and a comprehensive assessment of these concerns. In the order, the SEC asks the public for their opinions on whether they agree with the exchange's statements regarding the resistance of the bitcoin market to price manipulation.

Key Aspects Under Review

A crucial aspect of the SEC's review is the sufficiency of the exchange's statements supporting the proposal, as well as the overall structure and safeguards of the proposed Trust. The Trust aims to replicate the performance of bitcoin's price while accounting for the trust's operational expenses. Its primary assets will consist of BTC held by its custodian. The Trust's unique mechanism of "in-kind" transactions for selling or redeeming shares is also under scrutiny.

Delay Does Not Indicate Final Disapproval

It is important to note that the SEC's decision to delay does not imply a final disapproval. The regulator is actively seeking public comments on the proposal, encouraging interested parties to submit their views, data, and arguments. There will be a 35-day period for public comments before the SEC has to make another decision on the Global X filing.

What are your thoughts on the SEC's delay in deciding on the Global X spot bitcoin ETF? Feel free to share your opinions in the comments section below.

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