The Cardano Network: Is It Really Facing Irrelevance?


An In-Depth Analysis by K33 Research

The latest research note from K33 Research raises concerns about the Cardano network and its native token, ADA. According to the research firm, Cardano lacks meaningful use and a credible track record, which could potentially lead to its irrelevance in the future. Let's delve into the key points highlighted by K33 Research.

The Lack of Stablecoin Activity

K33 Research points out that Cardano's stablecoin situation is a cause for concern. The absence of popular stablecoins like USDT and USDC on the network indicates a lack of purposeful activity. Stablecoins are widely used in decentralized finance (defi) altcoin trading, especially on non-Ethereum chains. The fact that Tether and Circle, the issuers of USDT and USDC, have not introduced stablecoins on Cardano suggests that there is minimal defi activity happening on the network.


While there are approximately 20 million Cardano-collateralized stablecoins, the research notes that their trading value at 76 cents to the dollar reflects the lack of significant network activity.

The Threat of Irrelevance

In addition to the lack of stablecoin activity, K33 Research believes that Cardano's future is at risk due to its inability to gain traction. Despite its years of existence, the note suggests that Cardano may follow the footsteps of other networks like IOTA, NEO, EOS, and Concordium, which have drifted into irrelevance over time. The research questions whether Cardano's scientific and research-driven approach can save it from this fate.

According to the research note, Cardano's native token ADA, with a market valuation of approximately $19 billion, has attracted investors due to the network's claims of being a peer-reviewed research-driven blockchain. However, K33 Research predicts that over time, ADA may gradually disappear from the crypto map, as the network fails to deliver on its promises.

What's Your Take?

Now that you've heard K33 Research's perspective on Cardano and ADA, we'd like to know your thoughts. Do you agree with the assertions made by the research firm? Share your opinion in the comments below.

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