The Crypto Market Soars with $1.31 Trillion Value and Double-Digit Gains for 24 Cryptocurrencies

Explosive Growth in the Crypto Economy

On November 2, 2023, the crypto economy is thriving, boasting a value of $1.31 trillion following a 2.88% increase in the past 24 hours. Bitcoin has notably surpassed the $35,000 mark, showing a 2.8% increase, while a wide array of two dozen digital assets have experienced double-digit growth this Wednesday. Leading the 24-hour surge are the crypto tokens sushi (SUSHI) and beldex (BDX), which stand out higher in terms of gains among their peers.

24 Cryptocurrencies Experience Explosive 24-Hour Growth

A considerable number of cryptocurrency tokens are flourishing today, with 24 in particular enjoying double-digit gains against the U.S. dollar. On the other hand, approximately five coins have seen a decrease in value of 2% to 5% in the same timeframe.

Sushi (SUSHI), the crypto asset associated with the decentralized exchange (dex), has emerged as Wednesday's top performer. Impressively, SUSHI has risen by more than 56% in just one day and has surged by 94% over the course of the week.

Following SUSHI in terms of 24-hour gains is the coin beldex (BDX), a key component of the Beldex private ecosystem. BDX has witnessed a significant 38% increase in the last 24 hours, and its performance over the past seven days shows a 34% rise.

Celo (CELO) earned the third spot with a substantial 27% increase on Wednesday, while pancakeswap (CAKE) also enjoyed a 27% growth over the past day. Additional leaders on Nov. 2 include JST, MASK, ROSE, AAVE, UNI, and MANA.

Today's most significant losers against the dollar are POLY, OMI, RLB, BONE, and WLD. POLY has shed just over 5%, while OMI has decreased by 4.47% in the past 24 hours. RLB has fallen 4.3%, BONE has slid 2.9%, and WLD has seen a 2.4% decline.

While the majority of the market is on the rise, about 15 digital currencies are down against the U.S. dollar. Regarding trade volume, USDT, BTC, ETH, and USDC are leading, followed by SOL, XRP, LINK, and DOGE. Solana (SOL) has seen $3.78 billion in trades over the past 24 hours, while XRP has experienced $1.88 billion.

What are your thoughts on today's biggest gainers and losers in the crypto market? Feel free to share your opinions in the comments section below.

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What precious metals will be allowed in an IRA account?

The most common precious metallic used in IRA accounts, is gold. Also available as investments are bars and bullion gold coins.

Precious metals can be considered safe investments as they don't lose their value over time. They are also an excellent way to diversify your investment portfolio.

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  • Same tax rules as traditional IRA SEP IRA contributions in 2022 are limited to 25% of compensation or $66,000, whichever is less Before setting up a Silver IRA, understand the fees and IRS restrictions. (
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How to start buying silver with your IRA

How to start buying Silver with Your IRA – The best method to invest directly in silver or gold is through the direct ownership of physical bullion. Silver coins and bars are the most popular form of investment because they offer diversification, liquidity, and convenience.However, many prefer owning physical bullion over paper certificates or electronic currency.

There are several options to purchase precious metals, like gold or silver. You can either buy them directly from their producers like mining companies or refiners. You can buy them directly from the producer or a dealer who purchases and sells bullion.

This article will tell you how to start investing with your IRA in silver.

  1. Investing in Gold & Silver through Direct Ownership – The best way to purchase precious metals is to directly go to the source. This means that you can get the bullion straight from the source, and it will be delivered directly to your front door. Some investors keep their bullion at home, while others store it in a secure storage unit. When you hold onto your precious metal, ensure you're storing it properly. Many storage facilities offer insurance that covers theft, fire, and damage. Even with insurance, your investments could be damaged by natural disasters or human error. This is why it is a good idea for precious metals to be stored in a safe deposit container at a bank/credit union.
  2. Online Precious Metals Shopping – Bullion online can be a great alternative to carrying around heavy boxes. Bullion dealers sell bullion online in many forms, including coins or bars. There are many different types of coins. Coins are generally more convenient to carry than bars. There are many sizes and weights of bars. Bars can weigh hundreds of lbs, while others weigh only a few ounces. When choosing which bar to buy, it is important to consider what you will use it for. It might be a good idea to choose something smaller if it is intended to be given as a gift. If you are looking to add it as a gift, or to proudly display it, you may want to spend a bit more and buy something larger.
  3. Buying Precious Metal From Dealers – A third option is to buy bullion from a dealer. Most dealers have a specific area of expertise, usually in silver or gold. Some dealers specialize in particular types of bullion like rounds or minted currency. Others are more skilled in certain regions. And yet others specialize in bulk purchases. Regardless of which dealer you choose, you'll likely find that they offer competitive prices and convenient payment methods.
  4. Buying Precious Metallics Through Retirement Accounts – While not technically considered an “investment,” another way to gain exposure to precious metals is by investing in retirement accounts. To qualify for tax benefits under Section 219 of the IRS Code, you must invest in precious metals through a qualified retirement account. These accounts include IRAs and 401(k), as well as 403(b), plans. These accounts are often set up to help you save more for retirement. They offer higher returns than most other investment vehicles. In addition, most of these accounts allow you to diversify your holdings across multiple metals. The drawback? There are limitations to retirement account investments. These accounts are only available to employees of employers who sponsor them.


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