UK Police Seize 61,000 Bitcoins From Massive Chinese Investment Fraud



The U.K. Metropolitan Police have made a significant breakthrough in the fight against cryptocurrency fraud. They have seized more than 61,000 bitcoins, worth over $2.6 billion, from a massive investment fraud conducted by a Chinese fugitive. The seizure marks one of the largest cryptocurrency confiscations globally and highlights the growing concern around fraudulent activities in the digital asset space.

The Seizure

During the trial of Jian Wen, a British citizen accused of money laundering, the prosecution revealed that the seized bitcoins were linked to an investment fraud masterminded by Zhimin Qian, also known as Yadi Zhang. Qian allegedly stole approximately $6.4 billion from over 128,000 investors between 2014 and 2017 in China.


The U.K. police discovered the illicit funds in four separate devices, which were stored in a safety deposit box and a residence shared by Wen and Zhang. The bitcoins were valued at nearly $1.8 billion when they were recovered in July 2021. Since then, the price of bitcoin has appreciated, bringing the current value of the seized assets to $2.6 billion.

The Accused

Jian Wen, who moved to the U.K. from China in 2007 and became a British citizen in 2018, pleaded not guilty to involvement in the underlying fraud. However, she is accused of knowingly aiding the conversion of Zhang's bitcoins into various assets, including cash, jewelry, luxury items, and property. Wen was entrusted with the passwords and passphrases to access the laptops containing the bitcoins, as well as the storage location of the devices.

An International Effort

This seizure is not an isolated event. It comes on the heels of another significant bitcoin confiscation in Germany. The Saxony state police recently revealed that they have seized around 50,000 bitcoins, making it the largest seizure of its kind in the country's history. These coordinated efforts by law enforcement agencies around the world demonstrate a united front against cryptocurrency-related crimes.

The Implications

This high-profile seizure sends a strong message to individuals involved in cryptocurrency fraud. It highlights the determination of law enforcement agencies to crack down on illegal activities within the digital asset space. The size and scale of the fraud, as well as the subsequent seizure, underscore the need for increased vigilance and regulation to protect investors and maintain the integrity of the cryptocurrency market.


The U.K. police's successful seizure of 61,000 bitcoins from a massive investment fraud in China is a significant milestone in the fight against cryptocurrency-related crimes. This case serves as a wake-up call for both criminals and legitimate participants in the digital asset space. As the cryptocurrency market continues to evolve, it is crucial to establish robust security measures and regulatory frameworks to safeguard investors and ensure the long-term viability of cryptocurrencies.

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