XRP and Solana Experience Significant Growth Following SEC’s Dismissal of Ripple Lawsuit


XRP, a prominent cryptocurrency, experienced a significant upturn on Friday, driven by the market's reaction to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC)'s decision to abandon its lawsuit against Ripple's executive team. Previously, the SEC had claimed that Ripple's CEO, Brad Garlinghouse, and Chairman, Chris Larsen, had infringed securities laws. In parallel, Solana also noted an impressive surge, with a growth exceeding 10% on the same day.

XRP's Promising Performance

On Friday, XRP reached its highest value in two weeks, a development resulting from the SEC's decision to dismiss its lawsuit against Ripple's executives. The XRP/USD exchange rate reached a peak of $0.5291 earlier in the day, a considerable rise from the previous day's low of $0.4831.


Friday's peak propelled XRP to its highest value since October 5 when it reached $0.5325. However, the initial surge has now somewhat receded, coinciding with the relative strength index (RSI) failing to break through the 57.00 level. At the moment, the strength of the XRP price is hovering at 56.32, with the next discernible drop anticipated at the 50.00 mark. The 10-day moving average, represented in red, has also started to rise, suggesting a potential upward crossover in the near future.

Solana (SOL) Witnesses Impressive Surge

In the same vein, Solana (SOL), another noteworthy cryptocurrency, recorded a substantial surge during Friday's trading session. This upswing came after the crypto finally breached its long-standing ceiling of $25.00. The SOL/USD pair, which was trading at a low of $24.17 on Thursday, leaped to an intraday high of $27.29 on Friday.

Friday's performance marked Solana's highest point since July 20 when it reached $27.35. Due to this robust sentiment, SOL has now entered the overbought territory with the RSI soaring to 74.60. The bulls now face a resistance point at the 75.00 mark, and if they manage to overcome this hurdle, Solana could potentially reach the $28.00 mark. The question remains, will Solana investors begin to reap their profits this weekend? Only time will tell.

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