Empowering Students in the Bitcoin Space with Generation Bitcoin’s Bitcoin Students Network

Generation Bitcoin recently launched the Bitcoin Students Network (BSN) through its non-profit organization, aiming to unite student groups worldwide in a collaborative network dedicated to all things Bitcoin. BSN serves as a comprehensive platform that offers logistical, educational, and financial support to students who are passionate about Bitcoin and eager to contribute to this innovative space.

Fostering Global Connections

The primary objective of BSN is to establish connections among students on a global scale, encouraging collaboration and knowledge-sharing among young individuals who share a common interest in Bitcoin. By facilitating the formation and expansion of student clubs focused on Bitcoin, BSN provides assistance and resources to affiliated clubs, fostering a sense of community and support.


Empowering Students through Knowledge and Networking

Ella Hough, Co-founder and Project Lead at Generation Bitcoin, emphasized the significance of networking in the Bitcoin whitepaper by mentioning the word 'network' 21 times. This deliberate choice underscores the importance of empowering students with knowledge and networking opportunities. BSN aims to break down barriers to creating student Bitcoin communities and reinforce the social fabric of Bitcoin’s human layer, known as Layer 0.

Building Bridges between Students and Industry

BSN acts as a vital link between students and the broader Bitcoin industry, facilitating communication and collaboration between educational institutions and industry stakeholders. By offering access to resources, job prospects, mentorship programs, and networking opportunities, BSN aims to strengthen the social foundation of Bitcoin’s human layer, promoting values such as freedom through knowledge and open-source principles.

Core Values and Organizational Structure

BSN operates based on core values such as proof of work, first principles thinking, and open-source principles. These values form the foundation of BSN's structured yet decentralized setup, with a dedicated founding team, industry advisors, and student advisors overseeing its operations.

Opportunities for Students

For students involved in BSN, there is a wide array of opportunities available, including establishing or expanding university Bitcoin clubs, accessing educational resources, exploring job prospects, and connecting with like-minded individuals within the Bitcoin community. Arsh Molu, Growth Lead and Co-founder at Generation Bitcoin, highlights the network's goal of educating and empowering the next generation of Bitcoin enthusiasts.

Engagement of Industry Players

BSN encourages industry players to actively engage by organizing events, providing financial backing, donating resources, offering mentorship, and sharing internship and job openings. By fostering collaboration between students and industry professionals, BSN aims to create a vibrant and supportive ecosystem within the Bitcoin community.

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