LBank Labs’ Strategic Expansion into Morocco’s Casablanca Finance City: A Visionary Move with Enhanced Employee Benefits and Global Partnerships

Morocco: A Strategic Hub for Global Business

In the challenging global financial climate of 2023, LBank Labs, a $100 million fund and Fund of Funds, has made a strategic move by establishing its presence in Morocco. This decision, led by El Bachir Essamari and robustly supported by the leadership team, represents a significant step forward. Culminating in the prestigious Casablanca Finance City (CFC) certification, this move not only underscores Morocco's role as a pivotal hub connecting the US, Europe, MENA, and African markets but also brings significant benefits and partnerships.

Morocco's Strategic Location and Stable Environment

Morocco's strategic location serves as a bridge between major global markets, offering a key gateway for international trade and investment. Its political stability is a beacon in a region often marked by turmoil, attracting foreign investors seeking a secure environment. The country's commitment to renewable energy and technological innovation makes it a dynamic and forward-thinking business landscape.

LBank Labs: Driving Innovation in Morocco

Under the esteemed leadership of El Bachir Essamari, LBank Labs has made significant strides in the Moroccan financial ecosystem. The organization of Morocco's largest blockchain conference is a testament to their dedication to technological progress in the region.

The CFC Certification: A Milestone Achievement

Obtaining the CFC certification places LBank Labs in Africa's leading financial hub, alongside over 200 esteemed members from 70 countries. This membership is not just a strategic position but also opens doors to networking opportunities, market insights, and regional expansion.

Enhanced Employee Benefits: Streamlined Visa and Employment Processes

A key aspect of this strategic partnership with CFC is the significant benefit it grants to LBank Labs' employees. The agreement includes express visa processing, allowing for Business Visas to be obtained within 24 hours. Additionally, the process for foreign employment contracts is expedited to 48 hours, and residence permits can be secured in just two weeks. This streamlined process ensures that LBank Labs can efficiently mobilize international talent, enhancing its operational capabilities and global reach.

Expanding Global Partnerships for Collaboration and Growth

LBank Labs' partnership with CFC extends beyond Morocco, with 15 partnerships with international financial centers. These include prominent financial hubs like Luxembourg, Paris, Abu Dhabi, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Singapore, London, and Toronto. These partnerships offer LBank Labs a global platform for collaboration, knowledge exchange, and expansion, further solidifying its position as a leader in the financial and technological sectors.

A Vision for Sustainable and Inclusive Growth

LBank Labs' expansion into Morocco is not just a business move; it's a commitment to sustainable and inclusive growth. By tapping into Morocco's rich cultural heritage and diverse talent pool, LBank Labs is set to foster an environment of innovation and creativity. This approach aligns with Morocco's own vision of becoming a green economy leader, leveraging renewable energy sources and sustainable practices.

Empowering Local Communities and Talent

A significant part of LBank Labs' strategy involves empowering local communities and nurturing talent. By offering training programs, workshops, and collaborative projects, LBank Labs aims to build a strong foundation of skilled professionals in Morocco. This initiative not only benefits the local workforce but also contributes to the overall growth and development of the region's financial and technological sectors.


In 2023, LBank Labs' strategic investment in Morocco, marked by the CFC certification and led by a visionary team, is a story of resilience, strategic foresight, and commitment to regional development. The added benefits of express visa processing for employees, partnerships with international financial centers, and a focus on sustainable and inclusive growth position LBank Labs not only as a leader in web3 investments but also as a forward-thinking, globally integrated player in African and global finance.

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