NFT Collections Drive Market Recovery With 3.74% Increase in Weekly Sales

NFT Sales Defy Recent Downtrend

The NFT market has seen a significant boost with a 3.74% increase in sales compared to the previous week, amounting to a total of $236,234,800 over the past seven days. This rise comes as a surprise, as the market has been experiencing consecutive weeks of declining sales.

Top-Performing NFT Collections

Bitcoin's "Uncategorized Ordinals" collection has emerged as the top performer this week, raking in $12 million in sales. This marks a substantial 36.90% increase compared to the previous week. Solana's "Froganas" collection has also performed well, with $7.79 million in sales, reflecting a 22.95% gain. Avalanche's "Dokyo" collection recorded sales of $7.74 million, representing a 30.39% increase week over week.

Notable NFT Collections

Other notable NFT collections include the "Gods Unchained" card compilation on Immutable X and Mythos' "Dmarket" NFT collection. Both collections experienced increases in sales, rising by 25.51% and 27.27% respectively.

Blockchain Dominance in Sales

In terms of blockchain dominance in sales, Ethereum leads the way this week with $76.74 million in sales, marking a solid 2.3% increase compared to the previous week. Bitcoin closely follows, securing the second position with $63.93 million in sales, showing a substantial 16.66% growth. Solana takes the third rank with sales totaling $49.23 million, despite experiencing a slight 8.9% decline.

Noteworthy Blockchain Gainers

Arbitrum and BNB Chain have made significant gains in their NFT sales performance this week. Arbitrum saw a remarkable 108.51% increase, while BNB Chain exhibited a jump of 89.61%.

Top Five Priciest NFT Sales

The highest-priced NFT sale of the week goes to "Cryptopunk #5363," which fetched a staggering $1.53 million just three days ago. Other notable sales include "geth locked deposit" on Arbitrum, sold for $344,075, Solana's "Boogle #083," sold for $253,422, and Axie Infinity's "Durendal," sold for $244,275 on Ronin. Bitcoin's "Punk #60" achieved a sale price of $169,266 within 24 hours.

What are your thoughts on this week's NFT sales action? Share your opinions in the comments section below.

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